Times To Call A Tow Truck Other Than An Accident

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Most car owners only think about a tow truck following an accident, and for good reason. Car accidents are one of the most common reasons why drivers need a tow truck. However, the truth is that there are many reasons why a vehicle owner might need to call a tow truck. Unfortunately, a tow truck may not be your first thought in some of those situations. Here are a few common times when a tow truck can still help you, even if you haven't been in an accident.

Flat Tire

You might only think about calling a tow truck for a flat tire if you don't have a spare. The truth is, many towing services also offer tire change assistance. If you're not experienced in how to change a vehicle tire, or you are uncomfortable trying to do it yourself, you can often call a tow truck for help with your flat tire change. In fact, they will often inspect your spare tire and make sure that it's a safe alternative as well.

In the event that your spare tire isn't adequate, or if you don't have a spare, calling a tow truck is a good option when you have a flat tire. Remember that driving on a flat tire will warp and damage the rim, leading to further expense and issues. Have it towed to the local auto repair center instead of trying to drive.

Empty Gas Tank

Many drivers know the struggle of trying to stretch that last bit of gas to make it to the gas station after work because you didn't have time to stop on the way in. However, sometimes the gamble just doesn't pay off. Whether you're trying to stretch it a bit too far or you discover that your gas gauge is malfunctioning, running out of gas can be a frustrating situation. This is especially true when the nearest gas station is still a few miles away.

Engine Malfunction

Whether it's a dead battery, a blown engine, or even just overheating, most engine malfunctions are an indication that you shouldn't be trying to limp your car to the nearest repair shop. Instead, the best thing that you can do in these cases is to call a towing company to have your car safely towed to the repair shop. 

Granted, with a blown engine, a tow is essentially necessary, but if you want to avoid finding yourself stranded again, you should opt for a tow with a dead battery, too. Even if you get it jumpstarted, there's still a risk that the battery could die again on the way to your destination.

Additionally, if you continue driving a vehicle with an overheating engine, you risk the potential for cracking the block or damaging the head. This could lead to costly repairs as it means having to rebuild the engine entirely. Instead, opt for a towing company to get your overheating car to the repair shop. Visit http://www.cctow.com/ for more. 


16 July 2020

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