Working With A Body Shop To Make Repairs To Your Vehicle After A Collision

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Auto collision repair shops specialize in fixing cars, trucks, and SUVs with structural and sheet metal damage after a collision. The crash can range from a light fender bender in the grocery store parking lot to a high-speed crash that causes severe damage to the vehicle. A good auto collision repair shop can fix most damage to the vehicle, but some limitations come into play when dealing with significant damage. More often than not, they are related to value more than repairability.  

Damage Assessment

After your car or truck is in a crash, it may be challenging to determine the amount of damage you have at the scene. The damage may include some of the vehicle structure, and the auto collision repair shop will need to put the vehicle on a frame matching to determine if it is bent or twisted too much to fix.

Modern cars with unibody frame construction may twist under the impact and cause the energy to spread through the body. This shock-absorbing effect keeps the driver and passengers safer inside the cockpit. However, it can cause damage to the vehicle which is less common with full-frame vehicles. Because the car is constructed this way, having an auto collision repairs shop inspect it carefully to determine what needs fixing is critical.

Once the collision repair mechanics have completed their assessment, they will send the information to your insurance company, and the repair costs are weighed against the value of the car or truck. If the vehicle is valuable enough and the insurance company is willing to pay for the repairs, they will approve the repairs, and the shop can start work on the car or truck. However, if the repairs are going to cost more than the vehicle's current value, they may total the car and opt not to pay for the damage.

Making Repairs

After your car is involved in an accident or collision, the insurance company will give you the go-ahead to make repairs and let you know what they will pay for, and what is going to be your responsibility to pay. You will choose the co-pay for your insurance company when you purchase the insurance coverage, so the insurance company will pay the bulk of the costs directly to the auto collision repair service when the work is finished. You will have to pay your share to them as well.  

Auto collision repair shops currently have tools and equipment available to them that allow them to make repairs far more complex than anything done in the past. Working with a shop that has the newest tools and the best training means you will get the best repair possible, restoring your car, truck, or SUV to near-new condition after a collision and making it nearly impossible to tell where the repairs were made when the work is complete.

Contact a local auto collision repair service to learn more. 


19 July 2022

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